Sunday, January 22, 2012

We've Added New Sizes To Our Car Decals.

If you have visited our site in the last few days, you'll notice we have made some subtle changes. And our first most important change was adding a more variety in the size of the car decals that we offer.
Granted that not every single decal will have a new larger or smaller size but i would say that at least 90% of our decals now come in larger sizes. Over the next few months we will slowly be rolling out some long over due changes to our site such as the layout and also more decals. For now we've added sizes as small as 4" and as large as 12". If you need anything larger, feel free to email us with your request and we will be more than happy to give you a price.
Speaking of price, some of you will notice that we have raised our prices by about $0.60 That might seem a lot to some or nothing much to others, but compared to most sites on the web, we're still one of the lowest prices around. Finally We had to give in and raise our prices due to credit card processing fees and material fees.
Also remember that we offer volume pricing for custom decals. Just about any type of cut decals for car clubs, motorcycle clubs, car dealership decals, or just about anything else you need in bulk. Just email us at for an estimate.


Jeane said...

Thanks for the update. It is also a good thing that you are offering custom decals. Great job!


Jeane @ Carport

MikePala said...
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Steve Cooper said...

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MikePala said...
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