Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Now Offering Vinyl Lettering Sign Banners.

After much delay we are now finally offering vinyl lettering sign banners to our customers. These are predesigned banners and are broken down in three categories, Automotive Banners, Realestate Banners, and Retail/Store Front Banners.
These are 10 oz medium duty indoor/outdoor banners and come in 5 banner colors. Yellow, white, red, blue, and burgundy. The vinyl lettering comes in 6 colors, black, yellow, red, blue, and burgundy. And i'm sure as you guessed it, you get to choose the banner color and the lettering color. All banners are hemmed and all sides and include brass grommets so it's easier for you to display. Right now isymbolz is offering 10% on all orders of $40 or more plus free shipping. No coupon is needed. Discount is automatically applied at checkout. If you have any banner questions please feel free to email us at banners@isymbolz.com Visit us at http://www.isymbolz.com to view our selection of car decals and vinyl sign banners that we offer.

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