Sunday, September 28, 2008

No More Link Exchanges. Yup We Said It.

As of 09-28-08 we at will no longer be accepting requests for link exchanges. Kinda goes against everything you've read about SEO doesn't it? Well reason being is we are getting way too many requests a day, which we do appreciate, however it is taking up too much of our time and resources. Not to mention the fact how irrelevant some of the requests are to our car decals website. I mean come on, what does airport parking have to do with decals. The whole point of exchanging links is to have something in common.
With that said, we will also be going through our current links that we have and weeding out the ones that are irrelevant. Those of course we've had on our site since we were online. But the time has come to serve our customer better with meaningful resources. But to be fair, I do have to say that most of the requests do not come from site owners themselves. They come from SEO companies that are supposed to know what the hell they are doing. People, seriously, try and spend some time reading Googles website guidelines. You guys are so caught up in PageRank, that you forget content is more important. If you have a good copyright content, Google will find you. You don't need to link to everybody. Plus there are a lot of online classifieds sites out there that are free. Place a few ads, have good content, and have a few links. The other thing you can do is try I have used their services in the past and is a very good place to start if you need to exchange links. Anyways, I will shut up now and get back to work. And thank you for your understanding. Oh and one more thing, if any of you decide to still email us with link requests, your email will not be answered.

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