Monday, February 26, 2007

New Horse Flames Decal Section Has Been Added.

We have added a new section of decals to our collection. For all you horse lovers out there we now have horse flame decals. There are 14 different horse flame decals to choose from. You will also notice that we created a new section for animals and have placed the animal decals, butterfly decals, eagle decals and the new horse flame decals in that section. This way it will be a little bit easier to navigate for animal decals.
Plus we are also working on adding Animal Flame Decals which we will hopefully have added by the end of next month. We say hopefully because we are in the process of test cutting them to see if the decals can be manufactured with no problems. Before we add any decals to the collection we do test cuts to see if minor adjustments need to be made so that the cutting process goes smoothly. So keep an eye out for the animal flame decals and of course you will be informed by our posting here once they are added on our site. In the meantime go checkout the horse flame decals plus any other car decals that you might be looking for at

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