Friday, August 18, 2006

The Cowboy and Cowgirl Car Decals Section is back

I'm sure a few of you noticed that we had removed our Cowboy section from our website. Well that section is back and has been revamped with new Cowboy and Cowgirl car decals. We added a couple of new ones like Bull Ridin' Cowboy and Bull Ridin' Cowgirl and a Rough Ridin' Cowboy and Cowgirl decals and changed the font. There is also a new Cowboy Kneeling in Front of the Cross decal with text underneath stating: Fallen-But Not Forgotten. We might be adding some more, but for now there are 25 decals with some new ones and some of the old ones. Also we will be bringing back the hawaiian decals in about a month or so hopefully.
I'm sure alot of you have pretty much noticed by now from reading our previous posts that we have been delayed with our updates. We've had few setbacks, but we will be adding more decals for sure. For now though, the Cowboy and Cowgirl decals section is back. Go check it out at Vinyl Car Decals for your Auto, Truck, Boat, RV, or Motorcycle.

New Cowboy and Cowgirl Decals!

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