Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mirrored Option Explained.

There seems to be a little bit of confusion as to what the mirrored option means on our site. That's partly due to our fault because we only have them explained in two places. When an item is added in the shopping cart and in our samples section. However we are in the process of updating our site so that each section explains it. In the meantime here's a brief description of mirrored option for the car decals. Mirrrored means the image flipped to the opposite direction that it is currently facing.
For example, if you want to order an Eagle decal that faces to the left, but you would like it to face to the right, then you would select "Yes" for the mirrored option when adding it to the shopping cart. Or if you would like to purchase two Eagle car decals and have them face opposite direction, or same directions, then you would add one regular decal to the shopping cart, then add another one with the mirrored option selected "Yes" Mirrored Does Not mean mirrored vinyl. We do not offer mirrored vinyl. To better visualize this please visit our Sample Section of our site at

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