Sunday, November 19, 2006

Silhoutte Girl Car Decals and Mud Flap Girl Car Decal.

We have added a new section called Silhouette Girls. It has a total of 13 decals including the popular 70's icon which most of you had seen on the back of semi-truck mud flaps which we all refer to as the mudflap girl. From what i have read that icon became popular in the 70's about the same time as Tupperware parties, both representing the feminist movement. Well we are now offering it as a decal for your car along with some other female silhouettes. Dont' forget to visit us at

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Cowboy and Cowgirl Car Decals Section is back

I'm sure a few of you noticed that we had removed our Cowboy section from our website. Well that section is back and has been revamped with new Cowboy and Cowgirl car decals. We added a couple of new ones like Bull Ridin' Cowboy and Bull Ridin' Cowgirl and a Rough Ridin' Cowboy and Cowgirl decals and changed the font. There is also a new Cowboy Kneeling in Front of the Cross decal with text underneath stating: Fallen-But Not Forgotten. We might be adding some more, but for now there are 25 decals with some new ones and some of the old ones. Also we will be bringing back the hawaiian decals in about a month or so hopefully.
I'm sure alot of you have pretty much noticed by now from reading our previous posts that we have been delayed with our updates. We've had few setbacks, but we will be adding more decals for sure. For now though, the Cowboy and Cowgirl decals section is back. Go check it out at Vinyl Car Decals for your Auto, Truck, Boat, RV, or Motorcycle.

New Cowboy and Cowgirl Decals!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mirrored Option Explained.

There seems to be a little bit of confusion as to what the mirrored option means on our site. That's partly due to our fault because we only have them explained in two places. When an item is added in the shopping cart and in our samples section. However we are in the process of updating our site so that each section explains it. In the meantime here's a brief description of mirrored option for the car decals. Mirrrored means the image flipped to the opposite direction that it is currently facing.
For example, if you want to order an Eagle decal that faces to the left, but you would like it to face to the right, then you would select "Yes" for the mirrored option when adding it to the shopping cart. Or if you would like to purchase two Eagle car decals and have them face opposite direction, or same directions, then you would add one regular decal to the shopping cart, then add another one with the mirrored option selected "Yes" Mirrored Does Not mean mirrored vinyl. We do not offer mirrored vinyl. To better visualize this please visit our Sample Section of our site at

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

What to expect in 2006? More Car Decals.

What else? Decals, Decals, and more Decals. First of all, we at isymbolz would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year(even though it was 18 days ago) and wish the very best for everyone in 2006. We would also like to say Thank You for a busy 2005 and for all the emails filled with wonderful compliments, suggestions, and of course some complaints.
We are very excited about 2006. In the next month or two we will be adding more decals to our selection. In fact the requests for more animal decals is so great, we will be making a few changes on our site to add a whole section dedicated to bringing more animal decals such as horses and tribal/flame animals. As always your suggestions are always appreciated. Don't be discouraged if we do not add your request right away. We try to add more decals by coming up with our own favorites plus the ones that are requested the most. In 2005 we had a lot of requests for Celtic symbols. Celtic symbols will be added to our collection starting with Celtic patterns, and will be updated as the year goes on.
Also we will adding a whole new section for Vehicle Graphics. We're not going offer the full blown graphics right away. It will start out with hood graphics and tail gate graphics that can be applied to truck tailgates or the back of SUV's. Eventually we will fill in with full body graphics, but we want to add more of unique designs. We can purchase a graphics CD and add them right now, but then again we be like every other decal sites on the web offering the same graphics. The full vehicle graphics section will be a slow add on.
However there will also be graphics for Semi Trucks. For all you truckers out there, we haven't forgotten about you. We know how much you love your semi's and how much time you spend on the road delivering our goods. We will dedicate a section for you with full graphics. There will also be graphics for trailers and maybe a custom section for Mini's. The Mini section we haven't decided yet for sure, but we have lots of time to think about. So as of right now looks like we will be pretty busy this year. But don't think of it as a complaint on our behalf. We enjoy doing what we do here at isymbolz.
Oh and last but not least, we have been getting a lot requests from businesses for banners and magnets for vehicles. Since we are part of the sign industry with previous experience in manufacturing those types of products, we will most likely be adding a business signage section. It won't be very large, but enough to help out with your needs. So this is what we have in store for 2006. Once again, we would like to say thank you and look forward to serving you in 2006. Make sure you visit us for all your car decals needs.