Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Vinyl Car Decals Have Been Added.

We have updated 2 sections on our site. The Peeing Boy decals and Other in the Miscellaneous Section. The Boy Peeing section gets 3 new decals. The Fireman, the one with Baseball hat, and the one that is mooning. The Miscellaneous section get about 10 or so new symbols. The Shamrock, yeah, shame on us for not having it. The maple leaf, yeah, shame on us again. These 2 symbols are highly requested by some of our customers. And of course a few other ones like emoticons, hand prints, foot prints, lips, and sun. These were also requested. So visit the site at and have a look around.

Just a few samples of the new vinyl car decals.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Taking Care of Your Vinyl Decals and Your Vehicle.

There is some concern out there that if you were to put decals or vinyl graphics on your car, truck, or whatever, it's going to ruin the paint job on your car. Well that's not necessarily true. What is true though that you Should Not Apply decals or graphic to your vehicle if you just got it painted. Generally you should wait atleast 30 days to let the paint "cure" before applying anything to it. Plus the best thing to do is to ask the bodyshop what they recommend.
The only problem you'll have(if you want to call it a problem) with decals or graphic on your car, is that when you remove them, the surface that was underneath the graphic will look much newer than the rest of the vehicle. Reason being is because that section of the vehicle does not see any of the sun's UV rays while the decal is on there, so the paint doesn't get faded. Even though your car doesn't look faded at the time, you will notice a difference once the decal is removed.
You can get around this problem by waxing your car once every 2 months. If you have graphics on your vehicle, graphics meaning fixed up like the cars in the movie Fast and the Furious, it is recommended that you wax your car using a spray or liquid wax. Using this type of wax will allow you to apply some to your graphics also and plus it's easier to clean along the edges of the graphics.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vinyl Decal Information.

We decided to write this post to explain a little bit about what die cut decals are. There is some confusion sometimes with decals and stickers. Normally when you visit some sites that say decal, they are referring to the type that is die cut, meaning the image is cut from a solid color piece of vinyl material. They are not like stickers which sometimes come in white or clear and have the image printed on them usually using a large format printer.
If you visit our site, ,you will see all the illustrations in black and white. This doesn't mean the decals only come in black and white. They are for visual purpose only. They come in many different colors. What you see in Black represent the vinyl itself. What is White in the image is the part that is cutout and thrown away. You can see a sample of this by visiting
When these decals are shipped they come with a transfer paper material on it. This is applied so that you can remove the backing from the decal, apply the decal onto the surface of your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or whatever smooth non porous surface that you would like. Then you squeegee it with a hard plastic, like a credit card, and finally you would remove the paper that was on the decal itself.
The vinyl material is the same material used in the signs industry. It is for outside applications and has a life expectancy of 6 years. However for people that live in areas that snow or have ice on their windows that they scrape off in the mornings, it is recommended that you order your decal mirrored (meaning the image flipped to opposite direction, and not mirrored vinyl) so that you may apply the image from the inside of your vehicle window so you don't have to worry about damaging it when scraping off the ice or snow off your windows.

Exchanging links with

As of October 13, 2005 we will no longer be accepting general links for exchange. Alot of people email us with requests to exchange links and some of them are irrelevant with our site. Requesting is not even the word for it. Demanding is more like it. Please do not add our link on your site and then ask us to link back without checking with us first. Email us a request first and we will review your site and get back to you.
However the only sites we accept for link exchange are the following: Automotive such as parts, accessories, aftermarket tuning, or car clubs to name a few. Graphics or graphic design sites, Motorcycle parts and accessories, Boating , Watercrafts, Snowmobiles, and Pocket Bikes. You can either email us the request to or you may do so through the three link exchange programs that we use.